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The disabled and the cultural heritage

Icarus - Special sedan for disabled
The theme of "different abilities" and the consequent removal of architectural barriers can now be defined as a "universal" theme. The environmental and social integration of people of different abilities situations, the elderly or those who are still limited in the physical and sensory mobility is certainly one of the most important challenges that each country faces in its path towards the future. Integration is linked to the use of space, the ability to move, to use the services, the opportunity to participate like everyone else in society. If these problems exist, they are amplified when combining the different situations skills the ability to enjoy and to enjoy the landscape, archaeological, artistic and cultural in general, especially in a country like Italy. In the world there are about 100 million people of different abilities temporary or permanent situations, they represent more than 1% of the world population. Even in schools, among young people, the percentage of disabled people stood on the same figures. Many sites, especially archaeological, but also landscapes, museums or religious, are often due to their characteristics and their structure, natural or historic it is, obvious impediments to the enjoyment by those who live physical or sensory diversity.
PompeiService operating for years in the field of tourism, hospitality, tourist information. We have gained skills and professionalism in the development of services and projects related to tourism, the routes, the historical and archaeological teaching, logistical support and multimedia solutions.
The experience gained over the years has allowed us to know and to analyze the potential and problems related to the sector and provided us with an opportunity to design and develop the ICARUS sedan and the project connected to it. In collaboration with a team of industry experts, PompeiService has designed, developed and realized the ICARUS sedan, a special sedan for disabled.

The aim of ICARUS is to be able to allow, even to those who are in different situational abilities, the use and enjoyment of the cultural heritage and landscape that surrounds them. The sedan, protected by a patent, developed by a company specializing in the design and construction of facilities for the disabled, has been realized using specific, environmentally friendly materials, fully complying with current legislation and the specific needs related to its use: ie transportation, in maximum security conditions, persons in situations of physical impairment and / or sensory. The steel structure and polyurethane, the scope of special foam, ergonomic seat and low weight make the ICARUS sedan an extremely safe and handy tool, in full conformity with the purposes for which it was designed and patented.

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